The Oceanic Feeling

by Thaddeus Lowe

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This album was recorded initially in Elmont, Long Island, then in bulk in Medford Massachusetts; in Thaddeus Lowe's Kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The later half was recorded in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The Oceanic Feeling is the eternal experience of soul moving deep within a person, this feeling is the source of all religious energy which permeates in various religious systems. It is a sensation of an indissoluble bond, as of being connected with the external world in its integral form. Mastered in Nashville, TN at Sage Mastering Studios produced by Nadeem Ahmed except where listed.


released August 31, 2013

Guests include, Charles Jourdan and Jason Norris.



all rights reserved


Thaddeus Lowe Brooklyn, New York

DIY blog Dingus first stumbled on Thaddeus Lowe's single, when he released his debut solo record acclaimed Boston blog Alston Pudding placed Against the Waves on their October Mix Tape. Despite the interest of the online community, it wasn't until solo artist Nadeem Salaam returned to his hometown of Brooklyn NY that the project formed into a full band. They are booking out for 2014. ... more

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Track Name: Don't Be Surprised
Don't go chasing the oceans baby
the water will pull you away
the water will pull you away

as far as the eye can see...
cold air
and the truth
the t r u t h

don't go chasing the oceans baby
the water will pull you away
the water will pull you away

silence greets us from coast to coast
you gotta hold on
you gotta hold on

don't be surprised
don't be surprised
don't be surprised
if we make it...
Track Name: You Kissed The Shore
you kissed the shore (one last time)
but you cannot stop the seasons from changing
o're these city lights
these waves come crashing down against me...
and you...
and you...
you kissed the shore one last time
but you cannot stop the seasons from changing
these waves, they come crashing down against me
against me now...
and you...
and you...
and you
have gone away
Track Name: Hallelujah In The Key Of Krishna
Track Name: Father Son And The Holy Ghost
on the fifty ninth second of a minute
a young man cracks open his lips
just to say nothing
that was perfect
that's just the kind of compliance we need from you
we need from you
it's just that kind of compliance we need from you
we need from you

father sings
father sings

his life in the middle
of sermon
and decision
to stay holy
or be God

father sings
father sings
Track Name: The Oceanic Feeling
Let nothing disturb thee, nothing affright thee. In urging calm upon you, St. Teresa knows that you are disturbed and afraid. Indeed, her words of reassurance are themselves an acknowledgment of your unsettled state.

But then comes her stark declaration that what you thought was the problem. All things are passing is the solution. A sense of the transience of time is a liberation from it, just as perceptions of the infinite reach of the ocean offer release from the normal constraints of walls and borders.

Why else does your gaze here at the beach constantly shift from the waves just beyond your feet to the unbroken horizon?

Your free association takes you suddenly to Freud -- and why not, since he defined it? But didn't he define this state of being, too?

Oceanic feeling-- the swollen cavity inside your breast; the hollow lump in your throat; infinity transformed from an ultimate abstraction to this intense emotion; the abyss within; the certain knowledge that you were made for more than the sum of your days.

You were made for this.

Human beings are the creatures who cluster together at the beach in the summer, sitting in their sand-collecting nylon slings, under their riotous umbrellas, in their unbecoming bathing suits, close enough to one another to catch the aroma of a stranger's sunblock.

The cluster is half the point, which is why humans like, on arriving, to find the parking lot mostly full.

Normal rules of personal space are suspended at the beach.

And you -- why do you love being in this crowd if not for contemplation?

At the ocean's edge,
watching the waves
and staring out
at the horizon...
Track Name: You're Kinda Like A Phantom
as I breathe
I process
how a ring of smoke
could escape my soul
(no matter all the faces, no matter all the places)
still now till the finest of all shores
through all time
from all time
I'm on the quart of life
and it's cold outside...
the sun is forgetting the time

still now till the finest of shores
through all of time

we're all alone in this world
till we find someone...

you're kinda like a phantom...
Track Name: Into The Cosmos We'll Escape
when we were 16 we would stay up to watch every sunrise
I remember drinking too much one night
and we passed out at Jones Beach
and my phone died
the world was a metal oyster...

you held my head on your chest the entire time
and i finally felt like I was loved

I'll never forget that night...
had i known then that love was the only thing that mattered
and that god yes god was love I'd pray to you every single day
every single breathe every single freckle on your face
would be the puzzle pieces of the stars...

love is god
god is love
and this oceanic feeling?
will be here long after we're gone

into the cosmos we'll escape...
Track Name: Our Hearts Will Split Across The Blue Diamond Ritz
our hearts
will melt like,
the ocean splitting into two

and our hearts split like
the ocean melting into two

and our hearts split like
diamonds split across the blue

and our hearts melt like
the ocean...
has taken you

the ocean
the ocean
the ocean...
has taken you...

and our hearts
melt like the ocean
splitting into two

and our hearts will split like
the ocean melting into two

and our love was once real
now it's split across the blue

the ocean...
the ocean...
the ocean...
has taken you...